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St Louis, Missouri – A Greart Choice for Your Travel

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

St Louis, the city on the eastern border of Missouri, owe plenty of historic sites and beautiful neighborhoods for your family’s vacation. Start by going to visit artistic oasis located in downtown of the city. Citygarden has a beautiful landscaping with modern sculptures for visitors to enjoy. The garden covers up to 2.9 acres of territory and has many features such us fountains/pools, 20 plus kinds of trees, a variety of flowering species, exotic plants.

For people who love nature there is a good place to visit – Forest park. This is one of the largest parks around the United States. It covers 1,293 acres of land. This park receives more than 10 million visitors each year. You and your family will enjoy the wildlife, landscapes, historic buildings and monuments. This is a truly natural oasis for the city, as it has a lot of land for industry and business usage.

St Louis city museum is another attraction for you to enjoy. It has been opened for people coming from around the nation in 1997. The city museum has a good list of attraction for people of any age. You can see the “World Aquarium”, which has a variety of creatures ( sharks, fishes, seahorses and more ), the “Art City” is a place your children will enjoy as they spend time by creating their own work of art and professional artists will teach them something new about the history of art and the techniques of painting. The “Tiny Train Town Model Railroad” is a fantastic miniature train display build with every tiny detail in perfect mode to make it very realistic. Museum gift shop will help you to take something back with you from St Louis – souvenirs will help you to remember an extraordinary visiting experience.

Finally, you can ride 30 miles from the St Louis area and visit an amusement park located Eureka, Missouri. Six Flags St Louis has a lot of entertainment – the amazing rides and food will make everyone happy and your kids will want to come and visit St Louis again next year..

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